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About Oakland Fit & Jill

I am a seasoned and educated nutrition and fitness coach. After training and coaching for a while I found that the most common obstacle for my clients was that they trained or came to my class once a week but had to continue their efforts the other 6 days alone. By bringing my coaching to a daily and personal level, my clients have found sustainable success. I believe in finding the right nutrition and exercise programs that will fit into an individual's lifestyle, because that is how you will find lifelong wellness. All “Oakland Fitters” receive communication from me through text, calling, email, and Facebook posts. I believe the most important part of your health journey with me is the accountability and support that you can receive by having a constant coach in your pocket.


  • BS in Health and Exercise, Oakland University
  • ACSM Exercise Physiologist
  • Percision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

Online Zoom Workouts

Covid 19 has taken us all out of our gyms. This is no time to stop working out! You can join our online classes from the safety of your home. Drop in when you can, or sign up for unlimited classes. Unlimited members may request a link to the recording if they can't make the class time.

Reset September

Spend 4 Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm on Zoom! We will be discussing the ups and downs of weight loss. Learn tools and create habits that will keep you from spinning out of control when you lose focus.

  • Sept 9 - Nutrition
  • Sept 16 - Exercise
  • Sept 23 - Mind set
  • Sept 30 - Hormones

Health and Habits

Health and Habits is an 8 week weight loss program that focuses not only on what you eat, but when, why, and how you eat.

The program includes:

  • 5 face to face meetings
  • Customized nutrition plan
  • Full measurements including body composition
  • Fitness and nutrition App for daily "to dos"
  • Communication with Jill via text, email or phone any day you need.


Touchpoints are a one time, one on one meeting where we make your plan for success. We will define your goal, and create the exercise and nutrition plan to reach it. By the time you leave, you will know exactly what you need to do to reach your goal weight.


  • Macro plan
  • Exercise plan
  • Ideas on menu planning
  • Full measurement including body composition

Due to Covid-19, touchpoints can be done over the phone or via zoom until further notice

Fitness Plan

Our fitness plan includes the use of an online app where you will have access to a calendar of workout that I program for you. These workouts include videos of me doing full classes, as well as lists of exercises with instructional videos. If you have fitness goals in mind, we can discuss and plan accordingly. If you don’t have any personal goals yet, we will make some! Goal setting is extremely important when it comes to health and wellness. Let’s be honest...goal setting is important in life!

Get Measured

As we all know, the scale can be defeating. It gives you just one piece of a much more complex puzzle. What the scale says doesn’t matter as much as how much fat tissue vs lean tissue you carry. If you want a better understanding of your FAT loss, not just your WEIGHT loss, make an appointment for a measurement. I will take your measurements using calipers that will tell us your fat percentage in your body. We can also measure your hips, waist, thighs, chest and arms, AND take a before picture. Included in the price is a SECOND measurement 8 weeks later. A second measurement is a great way to set a goal and work toward some tangible results!

Due to Covid-19, we are not currently able to provide this service.